The CSC Success Story.

Shared Solution Center with Billing Manager.

The Shared Solutions Center (CSC) da was created to serve the various Carmargo Corrêa Group companies by providing services in the areas of Procurement, Controlling, Finance, Legal and IT. Responsible for serving more than 7 million transactions per year on average, CSC is in line with market trends for resource optimization and the pursuit of a more sustainable and profitable operation.

The collection process of delinquent customers has always been a task that required a large number of steps in its process due to the various developments that can be measured when the collection analyst contacts the debtor customer. This extensive process, until then, was performed with the support of excel spreadsheets and interactions with the SAP system manually which slowed the process and export to human error.

Given the challenges presented and the high number of analysts working in this activity, Camargo Corrêa’s CSC Managers have repeatedly sought systemic solutions that are in line with the crucial points that bring success to the CSC model. Among them, we highlight the simplicity, standardization, agility and traceability.

The implementation of Evolution IT’s Billing Manager solution has contributed to overcoming the challenges experienced by the CSC finance team. With rapid implementation, Evolution IT’s solution takes an average of one month to implement and centralizes within SAP itself all the existing steps for the delinquent customer billing process in one single transaction. Thus, analysts have on a single screen information about open debts, past trading history, interest and penalty calculations, generation of debt recognition forms, among others.

In addition to implementing a standardized approach to customer approach. and make life much easier for the analyst who now has all the information necessary for his task in one place, the Collection Manager solution ensures that all accounting of installments, interest, charges, fines are performed automatically, reducing also from significantly the incidence of human errors.

We gain in Effectiveness, Assertiveness and Agility! Prior to implementation we spent approximately 3 hours per FT (workforce) collecting information in SAP and transposing in Excel to update our customers owed values. In addition, the time of interaction with the delinquent customer was long and the chance of effecting the agreement was often missed. With Evolution IT’s Billing Manager solution, spreadsheets have been eliminated from the process. Debt information is up to date and agreement possibilities are presented at the moment of contact with our client. In addition, we gain agility by registering the customer agreement with SAP. We spent an average of 40 minutes per FT to record trading conditions and today all accounting takes place immediately upon termination of the transaction. The gains extend to management because we can measure each operator’s individual results with the support of reports generated by the tool.

Francisco Valente, Finance Manager at CSC – Shared Solutions Center

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