An agile and consistent way to provide mobility to your business users and executives!

Mobility initiatives are no longer a trend but a reality. They meet the need of companies seeking competitive advantages and agility to perform administrative and operational processes.

With the advent of Fiori, SAP
offers its customers:

  • Rapid implementation alternative;
  • Modern alternative to the traditional SAP frontend;
  • HTML5-based responsive interfaces;
  • High level of UX (user-experience);
  • They cover more than 850 existing SAP business processes (including ECC, CRM, SRM, etc.);
  • Approval scenarios of requisitions and purchase orders;

Adding the SAP Mobile Platform (SAP SMP) platform, you can:

  • Extend application functionality by combining the technology used in Fiori with offline capability;
  • Have excellent choice to support the critical missions of your business that need to be performed in the field.
We specialize in the implementation and configuration of Fiori applications:
SAP Fiori Key Features:
We specialize in the implementation and configuration of Fiori applications:
  • We develop custom applications on SAP UI5 and Open UI5 platforms;
  • We offer projects with quick win profile for implementation of Fiori environments;
  • We set up mobile scenarios.
SAP Fiori Key Features:
  • Full adherence to standard SAP processes;
  • Extremely fast implementation and without impact on existing processes;
  • Ability to extend or customize functionalities of the implemented scenarios;
  • Use in all formats: from smartphones to desktops;
  • Operation typically online, via browser or specific Fiori client.

Download the PDF for more information about SAP Fiori