Mobility and integration for your sales team to close deals anywhere, quickly and secure.

Sales In Motion (SIM), developed by Evolution IT, is the perfect solution for enterprises with external sales team that runs with SAP ERP. It allows expanding the sales force on the road and provides more agility and integration for the teams in a secure way, while compliant to the IT governance settings for information security, even in adverse connection conditions.

Mobile communications issues and broad geographical coverage are common challenges in sales orders issuing, and these conditions are the main impact sources on income. Our mobile sales platform is the answer to such factors as it allows the sales execution in real time, without geographical or telecom limitations, ensuring greater agility, integration and efficiency for your sales force team on the road.

With SIM, organizations can amplify and strengthen the presence of their sales force. Various SAP features are concentrated on the mobile device, in a way to allow the execution of sales routines even under resctrict connectivity conditions. ​

SIM is configured for every company’s commercial settings, allowing, for example, the vendor getting information about a sales policy or specific profitability for his/her client.

Developed to assure operation in both online and offline scenarios, SIM significantly reduces sale losses. Moreover, the possibility to run on cloud allows to adjust and scale the operation for special seasons for each business with immediate response and operation held in sales peak periods.


Characteristics and Functionalities
  • Products Catalog
  • Products Stock
  • Clients’ Portfolio
  • Accounts Receiveable Portfolio
  • Clients’ Agenda
  • Attendance Itinerary
  • Guided Visit
  • Prices List
  • Orders Issuing
  • Orders Tracking (order, picking, bill)
  • BI Indicators (goal, realized, coverage)
  • Market Survey Realization
  • Certificate Emission (SIMFC)
  • Certificate Revocation (SIMFC)
  • Pre-Order Receiving and Validation (SIMFC)
  • Promotion Send for Client (SIMFC)


Characteristics and Functionalities
  • User own data maintenance;
  • Products Catalog;
  • Prices List;
  • Pre-Order Issuing;
  • Pre-Order Tracking;
  • Certificate Request for SIMFC Access;
  • Promotion Receive;