Sales In Motion Implementation at Bayer Cropscience.

With SIM, Bayer Cropscience has activated 300 vendors across Brazil to address field challenges.

Bayer Cropscience has invested in renewing its sales force technology, driven by the growing market challenge of increasing customer confidence and gaining ground.

The answer to these challenges was Evolution IT’s Sales In Motion solution, which has positioned itself as the ideal sales force platform for field business execution, capable of bringing all practices to sales reps and meeting all connectivity challenges. and scalability.

The first wave implemented key aspects of ordering, with benefits that were immediately realized by salespeople and analysts, so that the solution became the benchmark for this operation. This has been achieved through usability and field performance characteristics, ensuring confidence in operations.

The second wave, completed the migration of the entire sales force to the solution, including several business requirements, becoming the central point in the sales operation. This was achieved thanks to the robustness and flexibility of the solution, which made it possible to elevate the solution to the highest levels of business demand.

Designed to ensure operations in both online and offline scenarios, SIM’s mission is to make sales even under adverse communication conditions. In addition, the solution proves to be scalable in both user numbers and functionality to meet business requirements.

  • Product Catalog
  • Customer portfolio
  • Accounts Receivable Portfolio
  • Price list
  • Issuance Orders
  • Tracking Orders (Order, Picking, Invoice)
  • Specific customizations:
  • Multilevel pricing (TAXBRA basis)
  • Contracts and Order Consumption
  • Palletizing Suggestion
  • Internationalization Preparation
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Commercial campaigns – base pricing.

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