Issuing and receiving NFS-e right through SAP ECC/S4. (BRAZILIAN SERVICES’ NOTA FISCAL or NFS-e)

The entry of Services’ Electronic Invoices (NFS-e stands for Brazilian Electronic Service’s Nota Fiscal) is a recurring problem in practically all companies that purchase contractors’ services.

Diferentemente da nota mercantil, a troca de NFS-e entre as empresas é feita por imagem e não há padrão entre as mais variadas prefeituras.

Unlike goods Nota Fiscal, exchanging NFS-e between companies is supported by raster image documents and there is no standard set amongst the diverse municipalities.

The most common problems regarding this approach are:

  • Considerable cost amounts with employees for document entry.
  • Mistyping or manual entry failures.
  • Financial losses.
  • Lack of visibility of the process to suppliers.

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In order to solve this issue, Evolution IT conceived and developed the NFS Portal.

Diverse prefecture layouts can be configured in the NFS Portal, enabling their use for any municipalities. Invoices are processed using state-of-the-art technology in digital image recognition and applied intelligence in the destination of correct fields and information. The NFS Portal can be used by CCC (customer competence centers) or made available straight to the vendor, providing visibility into the payment process.

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Approximately 5570 municipalities. There is no data layout standardization. Information exchange supported only by documents saved as images.


Portal NFS  

Digital document store. Image transformation into text. Validation using text patterns. Reconciliation without typing. Adherent to Standard.