The reconciliation solution that brings agility and independence to the tax area of your company.


Enterprises, to keep up competitiveness, needs to leverage automated and trusted processes for tax calculations in all spheres (Federal, State and Municipal). Beyond that, it is critical to reduce exposure to fines.

​Focusing on companies that runs SAP, Live Tax brings autonomy for tax team (for reconciliation and simulation of new scenarios). With this solution, tax teams can configure their scenarios independently of IT staff. With less bureaucracy and more agility in calculation, your enterprise will reduce fines’ exposure.

Evolution IT presents Live Tax solution, aiming to offer a fiscal reconciliation solution and fiscal calendar monitoring.

According to federal revenue survey, a Brazilian tax burden reached in 2017 or more than 33.63% of GDP. There are approximately 94 taxes, contributions and fees that place our tax model among the most complex and confusing on the planet. It is the largest tax burden among neighboring countries and one of the highest in the world.

Evolution IT’s Live Tax complimentary offering:
  • Solution configuration and consulting;
  • Active monitoring of rules and tax laws;
  • Implementation and customization;
  • Maintenance of product functionalities during platform upgrades.
  • Licensing model based on the volume of reconciled invoices;
  • The Live Tax contract can be made via CAPEX (perpetual license without users limit) or OPEX (per service without users limit).

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