How to revitalize your cash flow with Billing Manager?

More governance, security, agility and standardized processes. For our customers, the Billing Manager enabled a 90% increase in the effectiveness of agreements and collections, optimizing staff time and making the process traceable.

The application developed by Evolution IT on SAP provides its customers with a framework for making the billing process more standardized and efficient. The solution brings more operational efficiency, giving collection teams more autonomy to propose negotiation scenarios for clients.

Optimization of steps in the billing process.

In addition, it has a workflow for approval of negotiations, integration with the Serasa system and indicators module that allows the performance measurement of the collection team.

More security:

– Calculations performed by SAP.
– Interest rates, fines and other predefined policies.
– Accounting carried out without manual intervention.
– Traceability of all operations performed in the approval workflow.
– Integration with Serasa and block system of new operations for customers.

More agility:

– Negotiation oriented interface with the client.
– Easy access to open titles.
– Automatic generation of discharge terms.
– Issuance of preformatted management reports.

Standardized Processes:

– Standardization of delinquent customer service.
– 100% of the recalculated values ​​according to the company’s collection policies.
– Record of standardized and centralized renegotiation history in SAP ECC.
– Supporting materials (debt pledge contract, collection letter) approved by the Legal department and issued by SAP ECC.
– Use of the company’s visual identity to communicate with delinquent clients.

Having an automated billing management system can help your business manage this function in a structured and risk-free manner.

To learn more about the solution, contact our sales team.
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