Evolution IT presented its solutions at the 22nd Annual ASUG 2019 Conference

We attended this week’s ASUG Annual Conference where we presented our Services Invoice and Billing Manager solutions.

Rafael Gomez, Commercial Director of Evolution IT presenting about the Billing Manager solution.

At the 22nd Annual ASUG 2019 Conference, lectures were given on Blockchain, Digital Transformation, key IT trends, and SAP ecosystem-specific topics.

We present our solutions as the   Portal NF-S:

Where the layouts of the most diverse municipalities can be configured in the NFS Portal, enabling its use in any municipalities. Invoices are processed using state-of-the-art digital image recognition technology and intelligence applied to the destination of correct fields and information.

The NFS Portal can be used by CSC or made available directly to the vendor, giving visibility to the payment process.

Luis Naves, Delivery Director of Evolution IT presenting about Portal NF-S

And we also talk about the Billing Manager:
Charging delinquent customers without disrupting the hard-won relationship bases is a big challenge for organizations. On the other hand, non-payment of scheduled revenues can cause significant cash flow damage and, in some cases, undermine the profitability of organizations relying on these resources in their own financial planning.

Given this context, having an automated billing management system can help companies manage this function in a structured and less risky manner.

Learn more about Evolution IT solutions and see which one suits your company, our team is ready to help.

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