We will be attending the 22nd Annual ASUG 2019 Conference.

The Annual Conference is one of ASUG’s most important events and is already a reference in the corporate world linked to SAP solutions, bringing news to attendees by speakers with proven SAP expertise.

The event will take place on April 9th.

This year will cover topics such as Blockchain, Digital Transformation, key IT trends, and SAP ecosystem-specific topics. Evolution IT Services will attend the Conference with two lectures.

Portal Integration Invoice Services

Offer your suppliers a fast and objective communication channel where they can upload their service invoices and integrate with their SAP using state-of-the-art technology. Based on artificial intelligence to improve assertiveness and providing insight into the entire flow from billing to payment.

Speaker: Luiz Naves
Room: São Paulo 3
Hours: 2:30 pm

Billing Manager

Charging delinquent customers without disrupting relationships is a big challenge for organizations. On the other hand, default can cause serious financial damage. Evolution IT Collection Manager provides a simple and efficient tool for improving collections team results.

Speaker: Rafael Gomez
Room: Faria Lima 1
Hours: 3:30 pm

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