Streamline your delivery

Taking advantage of a software development service with the advantages of the Agile model is not so difficult. We deliver complete teams, which will provide the best team composition and work model inspired by Scrum to build the solution that your company seeks and with a very wide range of technologies. Our team is ready, trained to bring the flexibility of Agile development into your company.

Benefits for your company

Lower Investment

Reduced investments with IT initiatives

Working Model

Sprints-based work and marketing mode

Diversified Skills

Great diversity of skills that can be allocated on time in the sprints

Total Flexibility

Total flexibility in terms of scope and deadlines

Digital Scrum Board

We offer a Sprints and Backlog tracking platform where your company tracks everything live.


Understand how it works

Yes, we offer a flexible AMS model where your company can specify which processes are most critical to the business and what are the expected response times. We have full capacity to work with aggressive SLA’s and also in distinguished regimes including 24 × 7

EVT’s MAS service is offered in two modes:

· Hours Package – A volume of hours is determined and each activation consumes hours related to the pre-contracted package.

· SLA – We define SLA goals based on the needs of your business as well as the team of professionals needed to support your systems. Regardless of the volume of hours, the commitment is to attend to incidents and tickets within the agreed Service Level Agreement

Yes. In general, when MAS is used to support environments hosted in the cloud, the scope of services is directed to functional issues. Solutions like SalesForce, SAP and others are examples of systems that are in the cloud and require functional support.

Yes, the EVT team of technicians is prepared to work in different languages with different time zones.

Yes, our AMS service ensures that your company makes the best use of the contracted hours and part of these hours can be converted into development services.

Generally, the start of an AMS operation can be carried out within 30 calendar days. What determines this time is the size of the AMS scope as well as the number of reports that are migrated.