Reduce costs with the Software Factory

Is maintaining a large team with specialists in numerous technologies an expensive and unfeasible challenge? For this reason, EVT offers your company our software factory where we deliver numerous technologies in a work format with fixed metrics and predictability in deliveries.

Benefits for your company:

Get to deliver

Expansion of IT delivery capacity and knowledge MIX (technologies)


Elasticity in development activities

Cost reduction

Reduction of maintenance costs, evolution of the software used and with physical infrastructure

Fixed metrics

Model with fixed prices and metrics which in turn ensures predictability in budgets


Cost reduction with physical infrastructure

Team focus

Maintaining the IT team’s focus on actions with added value to the business


Understand how it works

Yes, our software factory can be hired for specific purposes, such as supporting your company’s project developments or even on continuous regimes where all your company’s IT developments and demands are absorbed in this format.

The EVT Software Factory offers functional analysts who can be hired to generate specifications based on your company’s requirements.

Undoubtedly, as long as there is no change in scope, the budget presented is strictly maintained until delivery of the development.

We are used to working with large national and multinational companies that have a broad governance process. In these cases, we offer support to the Change Management process, adding estimates to the time spent on these steps in order to ensure that the development team delivers the specific documents of its methodology and even share the information to other employees when necessary.

Our developments are covered against failures or errors for a period of 30 (thirty) days. Within this period, the guarantee process provides for incidents to be opened in the EVT ticket system with the respective evidence regarding the error in development. Scope changes, or even incomplete scope, are not covered by the guarantee and must be managed as a new demand.