Boost your sales team

Ensuring that your sales team does business anywhere, even with adverse connectivity situations, are the main missions of Sales In Motion. With SIM, your team of external salespeople will be able to take all the commercial policies included in an APP with refined and intuitive usability, thus ensuring that your customers enjoy a complete, agile and assertive service.

Benefits for your company:


Agility in implementation

Integration accelerators

Integration accelerators with SAP ECC and SAP S4HANA

Flexibility and low cost

Flexibility to customize the specific demands of your Business with low cost of operation and support of the solution

Customer perception

Raises the perception of the end customer regarding the service received, in addition to perceiving and reacting to the actions of competitors

Reliance reduction

Reduced reliance on customer service teams

Increased compliance

Increased compliance and traceability in order blocking and release policy

Main Features:

Integration and architecture

Native integration with SAP ECC and SAP S4HANA in addition to having an On-Premisse or Sap Cloud Platform architecture

Multi possibility

Multi Language, Multi Company, Multi Currency, in addition to competitor price research

Quick solutions

Visit schedule, Product catalog with discount, payment, receipt and product commercial campaigns

Portifolio connection

Issuing, Editing and Consulting sales orders, sales contracts and their document flow.

Approval workflows

Order approval workflows blocked by excessive discounts, defaults or low profitability

General management

Receivables portfolio management, in addition to 100% offline operation, with compatibility on Android and IOS devices


Understand how it works

Yes, Sales In Motion is a Mobile Sales Force solution that works closely connected to your SAP ECC or SAP S4HANA and in addition to taking the entire sales module including the catalog of customers, products, pricing and sales orders it also ensures that everything this works in Offline mode to ensure that your salesperson does not lose sales due to lack of connectivity.

No doubt! Sales In Motion not only offers the SAP sales module embedded in an application, but also delivers a development platform where all of your specifics in terms of customer products and business policies can be incorporated.

Yes, Sales In Motion midleware supports connection with the most modern service and integration protocols so that connections and integrations with other systems or services on the internet are very simple to make.

Yes, Sales In Motion displays to its seller the entire collection portfolio of its customers and when a customer wants to make an open invoice payment the seller himself via the Sales In Motion App can generate the payment link and send it to client

No way! Sales In Motion is already compatible with S4HANA and also with SCP so that even though your company initially still uses SAP ECC, all investment with Sales In Motion is not lost when your company migrates to S4HANA or SCP.

Sales In Motion is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

Yes, in the implementation project we provided a UX / Design consultant so that all details regarding the visual identity of your company as well as the particularities of the process are treated and resolved, always seeking a refined experience for the user.

Our experience in Sales In Motion implementations means that an average of 4 months is used to implement Sales In Motion. During this period, all questions related to the customization of the APP are performed according to the reality of your company’s processes.