Professionals Assignment

The exact professional for your company

The EVT HR team is ready to support your company to find the exact professional for each task or project. With a trained team and recurrently updated to the newest technologies, our teams recruting performance is distinguished and, having distinguished SLA’s, your consultante will be deep into your companies challenge.

Benefícios para sua empresa:


Flexibility to react to the business punctual demands.


Contracts including a great scale of professional profiles and pre established Rate Cards


Possibility to test the consultants who most add to the project / demand

Permanent Consultant

Possibility of making the allocated professionals permanent

time on-demand

Ability to expand and reduce on-demand time


Understand how it works

It is simple, you request a professional through a brief summary of skills or a Job Description. Our Human Resources team selects the candidates that best fit the requested profile and presents them for their evaluation. Interviews and other kinds of assesment may be applied to the candidate’s choice. And after the chosen professional is approved, we can start.

Allocation contracts can be done based on an open hour or a month package. The professionals who are allocated have a system of notes of tasks and hours worked where they report in detail each of the tasks performed. At the end of each period, the EVT team submits the TimeSheet for approval and after that the service invoice is issued.

Yes, the allocation model provides for the possibility of overtime performed by the professional and when this occurs, they are charged according to the previously agreed values

No doubt! When services are not performed according to expectations, the replacement of the consultant is one of the means we have to solve the impasse.