The perfect candidate for your vacancy

Our team of Tech Recruiters has an exclusive and rigorous selection method to find qualified professionals to fill your vacancy, ensuring full immersion in your company’s challenges


How do we choose the best professionals?

We maintain a high hiring standard to ensure top-notch employees for your business, based on the analysis of two key aspects:

Soft skills

We value talents with responsibility, ethics, analytical thinking, communication, agility, professionalism, and adaptability.

Hard skills

We assess resumes based on competence and experience, giving preference to relevant certifications and conducting technical evaluations.

Benefits for your company:​

Less bureaucracy

We take responsibility so you don’t have to worry about the lengthy stages of the selection process.

Risk reduction

We identify and select only experienced and qualified professionals to reduce the risk of unsatisfactory hires.

Lower turnover

We ensure more long-lasting hires by finding professionals aligned with your company’s culture.

Full support

We offer support throughout the selection process to ensure successful hiring.

Cost savings

With our recruiters, you can reduce the costs that would be used to train and maintain your HR team.


Hire the ideal professional to meet your business demands.


Understand How Everything Works

EVT ensures a faster selection and candidate presentation process. We have a database of over 54K professionals already mapped by our team of recruiters, and the necessary tools for a quick and accurate process. Depending on the complexity of the position, the first CVs are presented to the client within two days after the opening.

The hunting process by EVT is only charged after success (hiring). In other words, there is no charge for opening positions, and the fees vary depending on the level and complexity of the position.

Currently, our internal team consists of over 400 professionals from various technology fields. In addition to mapping candidates based on soft skills, we also have technical professionals within our recruiters’ team who contribute to the analysis of hard skills. Moreover, we operate in Squads, each focusing on a specific technology, ensuring accuracy and speed in the selection process.

In hunting, the entire process of hiring and relationship with the employee is handled by the client. EVT delivers the selected candidates and conducts the selection process. On the other hand, in allocation, besides the hunting process, the employee becomes a third party to the client, with a relationship with EVT, and their hours are billed to the client.