People and technology connected
for smart results.
We are a well-established company in the market and recognized for providing the best
IT solutions to leading companies in various sectors of the multinational industry.
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Discover the AI that solves IT support
tickets through voice commands.
EVA is an artificial intelligence created by EVT to put an end to the
problem of delays and difficulties in IT support service.
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Explore our branches and areas of expertise that promote innovation and technology

/ Services

Check out our lineup of proprietary solutions


Keep your IT systems in perfect order with our AMS services


We integrate enterprise systems for enhanced efficiency and transparency.

Software factory

Transform your idea into software with agility and accuracy


Implementations that improve processes and optimize business productivity.

Allocation and hunting

We have the best professionals and recruitment process

Data analytics

Harness the power of data with our wide range of services.

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Discover EVT’s flagship products/services

Allocation and Hunting

Find the exact professional for your company

We have the best recruitment methods to find scarce talent in the market.


Integration or project you need

We create or perform integrations through a team with extensive market experience

/ Own products

Line of solutions created by EVT


Automation of fiscal document entry, such as NF-e (electronic invoice), NFS-e (service invoice), CT-e (transportation invoice), and Consumption documents. We automate XML reading and image-to-text translation using AI.


Receivables marketplace integrated with ERP. Manage all transactions in one place, easily switch acquirers, and rely on a powerful payment gateway.

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Come and make history with us

A much more humane company that understands that growth requires making mistakes and that taking a break is necessary.

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