Fiori Push Notifications

Engage your executives successfully

Engage your executives more effectively in the Backoffice processes where Workflow approvals with Fiori are essential! With EVT Fiori Push, your company’s executives are advised that they have Approval Workflows whenever necessary. In this way, business processes do not stop thus reducing losses.

Benefits for your company:


Agility in implementation

Fixed licensing

Fixed licensing regardless the volume of messages


Maintenance of all technical and functional Fiori resources


Expansion of executive engagement in the use of Fiori

Main Features:

Integration with Workflows

Integration with pre-existing Workflows in SAP and FIORI


UX similar to SAP Fiori APP

Ability to notify

Ability to notify users / executives whenever there are pending Workflows

Digital or facial recognition

Ability to login to the App with biometrics and facial recognition


Understand how it works

Yes, Alldocs offers a set of APIs that guarantee integration with any ERP on the market.

Yes, we have connections with the main city halls in Brazil, which ensures an assertive reading regarding the content of the tax document. For city halls that do not offer services, we use Google’s image recognition and Artificial Intelligence solutions to ensure the integration of 100% of the receipt received.

Yes, Alldocs ensures that suppliers can follow the invoice bookkeeping process until their actual payment. We note that each internal step may or may not be presented to your suppliers so that your company can increase transparency without exposing strategic or confidential information.

Yes, Alldocs is ready to operate several companies within the same business group, ensuring that each company has its information segregated from each other.

Undoubtedly, adjusting the portal’s UX to take into account your visual identity is part of our setup project.

Currently alldocs is integrated via the specific Add-On with the ERP SAP Business One, SAP ECC and SAP S4HANA.

Alldocs services are offered in SaaS format and priced based on the number of documents processed during the month. See our pricing table.

No doubt. Alldocs is supported by EVT and has an ecosystem where any partner who is an expert in your company’s technologies can carry out the implementation.