The exact professional for your demand

Allocation is an excellent way to ensure highly qualified professionals for the specific duration required for your project. We take care of the entire selection and hiring process for you, allowing you to focus on your business.


What makes EVT professionals ideal for allocation?

Find out why our employees are the right choice for outsourcing in your company.


Agile talents with extensive experience, who continuously seek specialization and have the ability to execute tasks with mastery.

Team Building

We strengthen the engagement of professionals with the company and create solutions that meet the needs of each business.

Selection Process

We have an agile, qualified, and experienced HR team that excels in finding the best employees by analyzing both soft and hard skills.

Benefits for your company:


Flexibility to respond to specific business demands.

Permanent hiring

Possibility of permanently hiring the allocated professionals.

Cost savings

Helps reduce costs as professionals can perform the same services at a lower cost.


Allows your business to focus more on increasing performance, competitiveness, and strategy.


Highly qualified professionals in the market available for your project.

On-demand team

Ability to scale the team up or down as per demand.


Understand How Everything Works

It’s simple, you request a professional based on a brief summary of skills or a Job Description. Our Human Resources team selects candidates who best fit the requested profile and presents them for your evaluation. Interviews and other tests can be conducted in the candidate selection process. Once the chosen professional is approved, we can start the work.

Allocation contracts can be based on an open-hour or fixed-month basis. The professionals who are allocated have a task and hours tracking system where they report in detail each of the tasks performed. At the end of each period, the EVT team submits the Timesheet for your approval, and after that, the service invoice is issued.

Yes, in the allocation model, the possibility of overtime hours worked by the professional is considered, and when this occurs, they are charged based on the previously agreed-upon rates.

Certainly! When the services provided do not meet expectations, the replacement of the consultant is one of the means we have to resolve the situation.