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We have a skilled and experienced team in various technology areas to help your company develop and manage projects, software, and AMS. Request a quote.


EVT delivers to your company a fully structured environment support model with clear and objective scope and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Software Factory

Transforming your ideas into an IT project can be expensive and challenging. Rely on EVT’s over 20 years of experience in the technology market.


EVT is focused on projects that enhance processes and optimize business productivity, providing more transparency and interaction while eliminating redundancies.

Integration projects

Lincros (TMS)

Maximize the efficiency of your supply chain with our TMS integration solutions for SAP in partnership with EVT & Lincros. Simplify the management of your processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Nérus (B2C)

Boost your sales with direct integration into the biggest marketplaces in the market. Connect your industry directly to the end consumer and increase your results with the EVT & Nérus partnership.


The EVT & Nimbi partnership brings the ideal solution to optimize your company’s logistics management. Rely on integrated solutions with your ERP to streamline purchasing processes, supplier management, quotations, negotiations, and contracts.

Unique delivery methodology
created by EVT

The Evolution Delivery (ED) is a proprietary methodology that offers a series of tools and accelerators for project management. The ED covers the complete project lifecycle, improving team performance, and eliminating risks. This ensures efficiency in the process and provides support for successful project delivery.


Understand how everything works


Yes, we offer a flexible AMS model where your company can specify the most critical processes for the business and the expected response times. We have the capability to work with aggressive SLAs and also offer differentiated regimes, including 24×7 support.

The EVT AMS service is offered in two modalities:

Hourly Package – A predetermined volume of hours is provided, and each incident consumes hours from the pre-contracted package.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) – We define SLA objectives based on your business needs, as well as the team of professionals required to support your systems. Regardless of the volume of hours, our commitment is to meet incidents and tickets within the agreed-upon Service Level Agreement.

Yes. In general, when AMS is used to support cloud-hosted environments, the scope of services is directed towards functional issues. Solutions like Salesforce, SAP, and others are examples of systems in the cloud that require functional support.

Yes, the EVT technical team is prepared to work in different languages and time zones.

Yes, our AMS service ensures that your company makes the best use of the contracted hours, and part of these hours can be converted into development services.

Typically, the start of an AMS operation can be completed within 30 calendar days. The time required depends on the scope of the AMS and the number of incidents migrated.

Fábrica de Software

Yes, our software factory can be contracted for specific purposes, such as supporting developments for your company’s projects or even on an ongoing basis, where all IT developments and demands of your company are handled in this format.

EVT’s Software Factory offers functional analysts who can be hired to generate specifications based on your company’s requirements.

Absolutely, as long as there are no changes in scope, the presented quote is strictly maintained until the delivery of the development.

We are accustomed to working with large national and multinational companies that have extensive governance processes. In these cases, we offer support for the Change Management process, including estimating the time involved in these steps to ensure that the development team delivers specific documents according to your methodology and even provides knowledge transfer to other employees when necessary.

Our developments are covered against failures or errors for a period of 30 (thirty) days. During this period, the warranty process requires incidents to be opened in EVT’s ticket system with the respective evidence regarding the error in the development. Changes in scope, or incomplete scope, are not covered by the warranty and should be treated as a new demand.