Collections Manager

Recovery of your receivables

Increase the productivity of your credit and collection team by implementing a solution in SAP that, in addition to increasing the compliance of the entire process, also speeds up the approach and effectiveness of collection analysts with customers.

Benefits for your company:


Agility in implementation

Licensed applications

Use of already licensed applications (SAP)

Elimination of spreadsheets

Complete elimination of debt renegotiation spreadsheets

Reduction of errors

Reduction of errors and distortions that occur with spreadsheets

Risk mitigation

Mitigation of risks by keeping clients inactive or protested inappropriately


Increase in the auditabilityof the solution and renegotiations

Main Features:


Ability to manage collection teams and their tasks

Record of approaches

Complete record of all billing approaches carried out with customers


Approval workflows by debt amount, installments, discounts and type of customers

Billing standardization

Expansion of compliance and standardization of the collection process for renegotiations
- Interest and Fines calculated with a single rational
- Generation of debt confession contracts
- Compensation and creation of new FBL5N matches automatically

Management of collection efforts

-Integration with Serasa (negative and low customers)
- Integration with notaries (sending and automatic realese of the protest / consent statement);

Possibilities for renegotiation

Renegotiation Cockpit with numerous information about the client and possibilities for renegotiating values, being a solution developed for SAP, ECC and S4HANA


Integration with the Allpays online payment solution (hyperlink)

Team management

Team management with the segregation of the collection of charges to operators and generation of individual performance reports for each member of the team


Understand how it works

Yes, Collection Manager operates perfectly integrated with SAP. In this way, the data is displayed real-time in the renegotiation cockpit since the information base is unique and official for your company.

All calculations are suggested based on the most common market practices, however your company can customize with updates to the values owed by your customers with its own rules.

The Collections Manager takes care of everything! As it is integrated with SAP, the Collections manager performs 100% automatically all necessary accounting and compensation. In addition, the Collection Manager records a debt acknowledgment contract where all the conditions for the agreement are specified and issues it automatically. In practice, your billing analyst just needs to follow the process.

Yes, all billing analyst operations are properly recorded in the solution ensuring a thorough audit. All details regarding the negotiation are also recorded, including any approvals made by Workflow.

Yes, the Collection Manager’s Workflows are ready and working with the Fiori Push solution and your executive will be engaged via a push notification whenever he has to approve any negotiations.