Integration with the main ERP’s

Allpays is the only payment gateway that brings together the main fintects with the best means of payment in a single solution and with full integration with the main ERP’s in the market (SAP, Totvs, Oracle). We offer the transparent check-out model where your company can incorporate allpays in your E-Commerce and also the functionality with the Payment Link where via a URL your customer can pay the invoices with numerous modalities.

Benefits for your company:

Advantages of trading

Wide capacity and advantages of negotiating financial rates with the Purchasers

Greater flexibility

Greater flexibility to offer new means of payment

Payment options

Greater agility in the adoption or change of acquirers and their means of payment

Direct billing

Direct billing channel with extensive automatic approach capability within the billing rule

No investments

No investment for adopting the solution (Add-Ons are free)

Free support

Allpays platform offers free support

Main Features:

Many purchasers

Great diversity of Acquirers (Cielo, Rede, Mercado Pago, PagSeguro, Picpay, Ebanx, Ame Digital)

Payment options

Wide range of payment methods (Credit Card, PIX, Financing, CashBack)

Integration API

Integration API for E-Commerces in the Transparent CheckOut model

Easy payment

Payment Link delivered via API or QrCode


Understand how it works

Yes, Allpays is a payment gateway that offers transparent check_out for use in e-commerce and also a user interface for use in payment links.

Yes, Allpays offers an integration API that allows connection to any ERP. For SAP and TOTvs solutions, Allpays offers a ready-made Add-On that guarantees all the integration for extracting open collection bills and sending all payments made to your company. With this great integration, all the processes for writing off duplicates and bookings are carried out automatically and very quickly.

Yes, this is one of the main differentials of Allpays. We have a huge range of integrated buyers and this number is increasing every day. Whenever your company needs it, it will be able to change the acquirer of operations in a simple and objective and better way, without the need for projects and large IT operations.

We use authentication models with double factor of validation where only qualified users can request the payment link, which in turn is only generated with the correct identification of the user and for a predetermined time, self-destructing after expiration.

No, Allpays is fully responsive and has the payment link generated exclusively for each of the interactions. This way your client will have a fluid and safe experience.

No, all amounts received are sent directly from the acquirer to your checking account.

Yes, just create an account at Allpays, define your partners who are Acquirers and load the spreadsheet with the titles of the customers to be charged

Basically, EVT services are charged based on two criteria, the first being the age of the security to be charged and the second the payment method. We have models that start from R $ 0.29 per transaction up to a 13.09% referring to the amounts charged.