Our company’s culture

Our History

Our history features many moments, but what can be considered a common factor is that we always seek to deliver our BEST!!! The best to our contributors, partners and to our clients, always seeking to elaborate a sustainable work model in constant EVOLUTION.

Let's evolve together

Nowadays, we understand that our business are the people and as a consequence we deliver technology. EVT’s challenge for the next years is to improve the way that people interact with the demands and create a sustainable, virtuous and pleasent environment.

What do we do ?

We mix experience, technology and motivation to deliver value in each of our initiatives. We deliver value to our contributors, clients, shareholders and the society through inovative and distinguish services and solutions.

Take a break ?

We are a modern company which cherish our employees and that is always open to new experiences.

Work from home with us

Let’s make history together

A company way more humane, which understands that mistakes are necessary for growing and it’s necessary to take a break to rest.