Dpaschoal’s formula for cost savings and increased BI efficiency.

Through Evolution IT’s AMS how Dpaschoal Automotive stabilized its BI environments and increased the availability rate of its key store management reports to 96%.

The Dpaschoal Group is a 100% Brazilian capital company that operates in the auto parts distribution and vehicle maintenance services market through its 200 owned stores and over 500 accredited stores throughout Brazil.

In 2011 Dpaschoal took a solid step towards the best business management practices in the world with the implementation of SAP ECC Management software.

With the implementation of SAP, the Dpaschoal Group has also adopted SAP’s Business Intelligence platform to support the company’s entire demand for management reports. This adoption was motivated by the need for a robust tool that could daily supply information to all Dpaschoal Group stores with its management reports that guide the day-to-day business actions.

Sustaining the Dpaschoal Group BI environments since the implementation of SAP has proven to be a major challenge as it requires a team with a high level of knowledge of the SAP platform and constant action in preventive activities. Reconciling a balanced equation within the parameters of cost and quality has made this issue dealt with very carefully. Due to the heavy reliance on information that stores have, ensuring the availability and quality of information have always been the goals of the corporate IT team.

This concern and the difficulties that the Dpaschoal Group faced in stabilizing the operation of BI environments have made the initiatives with improvement projects or new solutions unfeasible. This was one of the main reasons that for some time retarded the natural evolution plan that corporate BI practices present.

Evolution It, through its Application Management Services (AMS) service for BI environments, met Dpaschoal Group’s demand for a solution that would provide the maturity needed to stabilize its BI environments by ensuring fully adherent reporting availability indicators. corporate goals. The Evolution IT team specializes in BI practices within the SAP platform and encompasses a set of knowledge and experiences that provide customers with an accelerated process of stabilization and adoption of BI within enterprises.

With the implementation of AMS, Dpaschoal Group, in addition to meeting the desired standards of availability and stabilization of its environments, can also free up its internal teams to invest energy in the development of new projects and new solutions in the BI platform. With this action, in addition to significantly improving users’ perception of BI solutions, a better return on investment assessment can also be gauged as each new solution / tool gives more users the benefits that the tool and The concept of BI can offer business management.

The implementation of AMS was very fast, carried out in a week, the transition period had a welcome task force where the Evolution It team evaluated all existing opportunities where we had timely and quick actions with great return on environmental stabilization. . Revisions were also made to all existing ETL routines / processes to seek opportunities to improve performance and address vulnerabilities that caused load problems.

Today Evolution It operates on a 24×7 basis supporting from daily load processes as well as minor improvements to existing solutions.

Prior to AMS with Evolution IT we had a costly BW environment with very poor performance. In a joint work with Evolution + Dpaschoal BI team we developed a plan for error reduction and load time (BW + ETL + OLAP)  which ran over a 2 month period and resulted in a 1:30 reduction in daily load time, and reduce processing errors by 90%. As a result, the on-time daily report delivery KPI rose from 70% to an average of 96%. In this way, we are able to go a step further and start new projects for the evolution and availability of information from various areas.

Carlos Peres, BI Coordinator, Dpaschoal Automotive.

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