The flexibility your business needs to respond quickly to business challenges.

Relying on IT workforce allocation services gives your business more responsiveness.

We have the strength of technical recruitment to find the ideal profile of the professional you are looking for, with the agility and the adherence that your company needs. It also offers the necessary support for the development of the service.

Relying on a partner that offers agility, reliability and competitive costs is a differential in recent years.
With the increasing demands of legal / tax demands and the high level of competition imposed by the market, companies need to be quick to respond and deliver to the demands of the business areas.

With a team of qualified professionals and a market-connected recruitment area, EVT is ready to respond with assertiveness to any kind of IT demand.


  • Greater agility in the acquisition of specialized resources;
    Reduction in internal labor training costs;
  • Best cost-benefit: Expenditure is directed exclusively to results and projects, not to incidental expenses such as labor charges or infrastructure;
  • Technical support specialized in the specificities of each demand or project;
  • Technological update through professionals prepared and updated for each type of project;
  • Demand co-management, giving your company visibility to better manage these allocations.

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